What to do when your bathroom floods?

Knowing how to deal with a flooded bathroom can save you big money. Furthermore, taking the appropriate action at the right time prevents an otherwise very dangerous situation that can result in major water damage. Modern bathrooms are fitted with all sorts of electrical equipment which can become hazardous when mixed with water. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may have to take rapid action to limit the amount of water damage done.

How to stop a bathroom from flooding?

Water leaking damaged plasterboard and carpetThere are two major situations that can cause a bathroom to flood and they are burst fittings and unattended bathrooms. If the second one is your case, then the solution is simple, just stop the water supply by turning off the tap.

If your flood is caused by burst fittings, you may want to shut off the main valve as soon as possible. Usually, the effects of a burst fitting are visible only after the walls, ceilings or floors are full of water and the water tends to get out. If this is your case, locate the main valve and shut it off immediately. You should also switch off the electricity in your bathroom. If water has reached any appliances or outlets, don’t turn the electricity back on until you have an electrician inspect the place.

How to clean up a flooded bathroom?

Only after you make sure there is no danger in entering your bathroom after it flooded (electricity is off), the next step is to clean up. If the water didn’t get out of your bathroom, you may not have very much damage. Using some towels and mops, push the water into the floor drain, and you’re done. However, if the water went out of your bathroom and affected other rooms, you may want to call for a water damage restoration service.

A professional water damage restoration service provider can save you lots of money if he’s called immediately after the flood. The faster he attends the situation, the less damage you’re gonna have. Best Deal is available 24/7 for all residential and commercial clients in Anchorage AK. We know how important it is to handle a flood rapidly and efficiently and for this reason we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you have to do is call (907) 317-9149 and we’re there in no-time.

How to prevent flooding?

Every bathroom, especially modern ones, are equipped with overflow valves. These valves open up when the water in your bathroom reaches a certain level. However, if the valve is not kept clean at all times, it will not operate efficiently. Old pipes, broken fittings and worn out taps are also common reasons for floods. Make sure you have your bathroom inspected by a reliable plumber and do the necessary repairs and replacements. A clogged sewer line can also cause floods or toilet back ups.

The bottom line is that floods occur, and most of the time, at unexpected moments. That is why every homeowner should have our phone number on speed dial (907) 317-9149. When your home is flooded, we are the ones that have the knowledge, tools and equipment to save it. Hire Best Deal and get the most reliable water damage restoration service in Anchorage AK!