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great service

same day service, pet stains totally gone, above and beyond my expectations. price charged the same as over the phone quote!! so happy:))

Awesome Carpet Cleaning

I took 2 of my carpets to them and you bet I am taking the rest of them there as well.First of all Victor is very friendly and helpful. The carpet cleaning is fast, careful and affordable. I am glad I've picked this carpet cleaner and I recommend it to everyone !

These guys are great. I heard of them through angies list and called up and scheduled based on the user reviews. I had them come out when I was not home (always a little sketchy) but they came and cleaned and did a fabulous job! I had a large oil stain on my couch and when I came home it was gone, which impressed me big time. The stain came back (slightly) and they came out and recleaned the affected area again at no charge. I had no furniture so it was a 30% discount, totaling $300 bucks for about 1000 sq ft of carpet and a couch. I was extremely satisfied and will use them again for all my carpet and upholstery cleaning needs!

In my estimation and based on past experience, the entire process couldn’t have been better from beginning to end, especially the discounted cost and prompt, polite and very professional service.

I had my couch done and it is somewhat like a sectional and the cushions do not come out, which unfortunately had urine on it. Best Deal Carpet came out and did it in 1 hour. They cleaned the entire couch and got rid of the terrible odor! I thought it was going to be more of a pain but he came and left so fast like he was never here. That day it dried pretty fast but the next day it was all the way dry. Besides being able to lay on my couch again I LOVED the price. We had a prior place come and quote us and they wanted to charge almost $300 !! We almost assumed we would have to just deal with it until best deal came and charged us less then half of what that place did. He was very nice and told me if I could still smell anything to let him know and he would be back. Thank you so much. I honestly would go to them again AND recommend.

They were very good at finding and treating pet odors, and removing stains. Prompt, professional, and very fast. I am pleased with the results. The price was on a 50% off Groupon, so does not reflect their usual charges.

I have used them several times. It was an ad I think that made me choose them the first time. I usually spend about $150. I would definitely continue to use them in the future.

I just emailed Victor with my dates and he emailed back quickly when he would arrive. He arrived, he cleaned and he left! Then I emailed that night as I saw some stains appear (they usually do as the cleaning brings deep old stains to the surface) and he is coming back to finish them off. Totally satisfied!

Matt is friendly and helpful. He is very efficient and the job is done well.

I told the owner Victor that the carpet was quite bad. He looked at it and thought it could be cleaned satisfactorily. They worked h****** it and it is looking good now.

Great job — very old carpet with 4 animals 🙂

Called the company and explained that I needed my carpet cleaned very soon. Victor was on the job within two hours and finished three hours later.

They did six offices and some stairways in a office building. It was filthy and they did a good job. They were prompt, efficient and they worked around my schedule. They got in and out quick.

Excellent experience. Had to reschedule once due to a conflict. No problem. All appointments were met and services delivered to my full satisfaction. Amount charged was amount estimated. Service delivery was prompt and curteous. Quality of work was excellent.

His prices are reasonable. He is very good at his work. He leaves the carpet extra clean, and the cat hair is picked up. He actually does hand cleaning around the edges from the carpet to the wall. He cleaned under the bed, and all around. I have two cats and all the hair is REMOVED! I will be calling him very soon because my carpet is needing help. I have used Angie’s List looking for several things. The people I found were either too busy, or wasn’t something I could use.

It’s always good to find professional people enjoying their line of work. I booked with Vincent on short notice and he gladly accommodated me in their sched. Matthew called me before the appointment to let me know that he is running 15 minutes behind. Matthew is very efficient and took the time to explain what he will be doing and how to care for the carpet after the cleaning is done. It tool 3.5 hours to clean the whole house and I could see the difference after he was done. He offered to come back for spots that might have been missed particularly in the basement since the lighting down there was not great and it was starting to get dark. I might take their offer on that. Overall, these guys are very professional and take pride in what they do. I also think they charge a fair price for the quality of their work. I will definitely recommend to friends.

Overall it went great. It was a particularly cold day and the equipment froze up a couple times before he got to my house. He was about an hour late. When he arrived I showed him which carpets were to be cleaned and I expressed my concern about getting rid of the pet urine smell. He told me what to expet from the cleaning. He got to work and it seemed to go quickly, but complete.

My carpet was really quite dirty and it came out very nice; much better than I had expected. I have never had anybody come in and clean my carpet and bring drying fans with them. One thing that I did like about them was he had these huge drying fans that he used right after he cleaned and then would go to the next room. What he said was if you let the carpet dry slowly then the stains from below will come up the carpet fiber and that you will get your stain up. The trick is to dry it as fast as you can on the surface. That is why he brought the fans. I thought that was really interesting. I have never seen anybody do that before. He gave me a discount because I got them off of Angie’s List. I am not sure that they are the best priced but that doesn’t really matter if it comes out better.

We have used them many times. They always come and do what they are suppose to do. There has never been any hassal. They are never late coming to your house.

They were fantastic. They were timely, thorough and did a great job. They got all the stains out.

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