Carpet Cleaners

carpet cleaners Anchorage, AKAs carpet cleaners specialists in Anchorage, AK our services are reliable. We offer deep steam cleaning using state-of-the art truck mounted equipment. We clean all types of carpets and rugs — commercial and residential, including oriental and specialty rugs. Best Deal Steam Carpet Cleaning is the right choice for all types of carpet. Our carpet cleaners Anchorage, AK process begins with pre-treatment of all areas to be cleaned. This process will loosen the soils embedded in the carpet and neutralize any acids from oils, soils, food and drink spills. This process also includes fabric softeners and color brighteners to help restore the carpet.

Carpet and Rug Cleaners

Hot water extraction is sometimes referred to as “steam cleaning”. Actually, this is a misapplied term, as real steam is too dry and too hot to clean carpet properly. In this method, a hot cleaning solution is sprayed under pressure onto the carpet and is immediately extracted with a vacuum source. The dirty solution is collected in a recovery tank and is usually poured into the sanitary waste system. The advantage of this process is that it has the ability to flush out large amounts of soil and contaminants in carpet. It is the most preferred method by all of the major fiber producers.

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